Have a lover and save your couple

Past the romantic stage, fell from grace of the couple, we do not necessarily want to send any rounding provided. This is our building shaking torque and / or our family, we will not let it fall apart like a house of cards. This man beside us, there is "attached" in the noblest sense. Dissatisfaction lurking but we will not let impassively accomplish its undermining. The small glitch in the contract, the "extra" day without marriage, why not? If it can rekindle the flame, ours first, that the couple with. If it allows us to fill the gaps without any request at the same ...

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As if we could protect the love ...

Because that is where the danger lurks. A slight connection, without promise or hope tomorrow may well bring a breath in a couple runs out of steam, but how to be sure that said light story will remain and will not, however, take everything in its wake? We can see in the following, how some are struggling with their feelings and juggle fire, trying to control the uncontrollable stories. For how long? They are wondering all. Often aware that background, their marriage has little hope of survival. Whose fault? Probably not for them. Not more than their great escape. For if infidelity is unlikely to save a failing relationship, she has probably no more power to make it flow. A couple is a couple that collapsed crumbled long ago.


This is just the symptom, the crack where everything can intrude. If it helps some out of a deep sleep and finding a second wind, so much the better. For many, it especially helps to slow the erosion process, delaying maturity. Its great merit is actually putting the couple in question, to test its strength. And failing to save, help us save ourselves from confinement.

yulian col