Dating unfaithful men and women, find your lovers

In married life, rosewater beginnings often turns to sex next to vinegar. Caresses and hugs tend to be spaced in time. The magic less. Routine installs quickly and boredom sometimes leads to the temptation of infidelity. And you're transformed into Madame Bovary, dreaming your life red couple passion. With bonus illusion of emotions the first time.

Have a lover or how to live dangerously her marriage?

For some women, cheat on her husband or spouse is a playful or harmless fad.

For others, it is a dilemma, almost a torture and they really are considering the leap from not risking to break the balance of their married life. Become an unfaithful wife, the mistress of a single or married man will stand the test of your married life.

Those who have a taste for transgression say that operating a dissociation was important, even vital for them. At home, they assume the role of mother, wife or girlfriend. In addition, they give away the conventions or what people will be in the arms of a lover lover. A sensual and subtle which they take pleasure and pain at the same time. Pleasure, as a jubilant excitement comes from these appointments sex, precious moments that see hidden hatch and rare love. And pain, as the lack of body, skin, smell, touch the other panics way. Enjoy the pleasures of sex with her lover is for a permanent relationship nightmare. Soon to be, plans to construct talk, constant secrecy to conceal any suspect word or gesture. The paranoia touches almost split personality.

The mind remains constantly troubled, but fed fantasies to achieve for time to come... with the lover of your life!

The danger is that the intimate relationship between lover and mistress from distorting forged over years with the partner "legitimate" link. The unfaithful wife is often overwhelmed by the feelings that overwhelm (jealousy, anxiety, questions) and found torn between two contradictory contexts of life.

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